Call for participants – Youth Exchange “Intercultural Hurly-Burly”

Call for participants – Youth Exchange “Intercultural Hurly-Burly”

Project description: The aim of our project called „Intercultural hurly-burly” is to revive, familiarize and disseminate Roma traditions, crafts among young people. The idea comes from the young people who participate in the program of the Hungarian association and want an international outlook on the culture and traditions of the Roma, compared to the culture of other nations. Based on these needs, our aim is to introduce and pass on the values and traditions of the Gypsies of several countries, as well as to organize a value creation program that also gives the target group development opportunities in the fields of social responsibility and solidarity, while encouraging them to engage in community activities. With the project our aim is to strengthen the community awareness, community cooperation among young people, but also to strengthen the identity. By doing so, we also contribute to raising awareness of the fact that, together, we are able to change the situation of ourselves and our environment and our community in a positive direction and, by better understanding of each other, break down the barriers that hinder it. Through our joint activities, we contribute to the strengthening of the community, the strengthening of its supporting role and thus, in the long run, to making settlements more attractive and livable. The aim of the Youth Exchange is also to help overcome the gap between the minority and the majority society through the preservation and care of Roma culture and traditions, the increase of acceptance and thus to promote the integration of Roma in the long term. Participants should prepare for the exchange at home. The facilitator will contact the contact persons at each partner organization and write the tasks participants should prepare with. When: 01.10-10.10.2019 Where: Tiszaladány, Hungary   YOU CAN TAKE PART OF THE TRAINING COURSE IF YOU ARE: – between 15-20 years old – with proper English skills (at least speaking) – youth interested in learning. To apply, fill in the online application form: . Deadline for applications 30.08.2019. Participation fee for CYA Krik: 600 MKD For any additional questions, contact us at !!Only the selected participants will be contacted!!
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