Digital Talks Are you ready for the digital revolution?

Digital Talks Are you ready for the digital revolution?

Are you ready for the digital revolution?

WHEN: 18 April 2018, 20:00 – 22:00 hours

WHERE: Hotel Aleksandar Palace, Skopje

Always stay on top of all the latest trends and tactics, as more and more social interactions, behaviors, decisions, opinions and transactions are digitized and mediated by online platforms. Faced with new challenges ranging from the expansion of Internet of Things and Cloud Computing to Cryptocurrencies and Artificial Intelligence, we strive to bring together individuals with out-of-the box mindsets, who are excelling in their fields and accomplishing the not-so-ordinary. They actively generate positive change in the community and take initiatives that are making impacts on a global scale.

The Digital Talks open session, organized within the Western Balkans Digital Summit 2018 in Skopje will provide a platform to individuals with fresh perspectives and management ideas to speak and to discuss recent contributions to the understanding of the digital economy and its impact on modern societies.

These speakers will ask – and try to answer – the big questions of the moment.

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