Отворен повик за учесници во #CaptureKumanovo

Отворен повик за учесници во #CaptureKumanovo

Dear young people of Kumanovo,

Are you interested in photography and have amazing camera skills and talent? You care about the environment and you want to be engaged in clean-up actions? You want to learn more about the cultures of different ethnicities living in your community?

Well, it’s your time to shine!

Please scan the code with your phone or open this link.

“#CaptureKumanovo” will serve to increase interethnic cooperation among young people in Kumanovo by undertaking activities for advancing protection of the environment by leveraging youth creative potential. It will educate young people in Kumanovo about the importance of intercultural understanding and со-existence; equip youth with skills and tools for environmental advocacy; inform and mobilize citizens to take part in cleanup actions and advocate for protection of the environment.

Timeline of activities:

  • March 2019 – Two activities
  • April 2019 – Two activities
  • May 2019 – Three activities
  • June 2019 – One activity
  • July 2019 – One activity

For the activities, 20 participants aged 15 – 20 years from Kumanovo will be selected. All applicants will be notified for the outcome of the selection process.

DEADLINE for submitting applications: March 10, 2019.

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact me at: besart@cid.mk and/or shabaniibesart@gmail.com

This activity is part of “#CaptureKumanovo” implemented by Linking, Engagement, Advocacy, Development – LEAD Fellow Besart Shabani, funded by USAID’s Civic Engagement Project.

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