Open CALL: Basel Peace and Climate action of European Youth (PACEY) Award

Open CALL: Basel Peace and Climate action of European Youth (PACEY) Award

Youth movements for climate action, peace and nuclear disarmament have sprung up in Europe and around the world in the past few years as young people have become concerned about existential threats to current and future generations, and increasingly frustrated at the lack of sufficient action by governments to address these threats. Furthermore, the United Nations General Assembly in October 2019 adopted a resolution by consensus emphasizing the important role of engaging youth in disarmament and non-proliferation issues.

In 2020, the Basel Peace Office will launch the Basel PACEY (Peace and Climate action of European Youth) Award. ‘Pacey’ also means, ‘with pace’, i.e. we have to act fast to address the climate crisis and nuclear weapons threats.

Basel PACEY is a €5000 award to support an outstanding or innovative European youth project or proposal on action for the climate and peace. The award will support a youth project which advances effective policy action to cut carbon emissions, enhance the transition to renewable energies, address and resolve international conflicts, abolish nuclear weapons, reduce weapons budgets and investments, and/or support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Priority will be given to projects making the connections between the peace, climate and nuclear disarmament issues.

The inaugural award will be conferred at the conference ‘Climate, peace and security: from youth voices to policy action,’ which is being held in Basel on January 9, 2020 in conjunction with the Basel Peace Forum.

Youth organisations interested in applying for the award are invited to submit their proposal in one page or less to Basel PACEY Award, by December 30. Finalists will be invited to present their project to the conference. The winning award will be decided by conference participants through ballot.

The Basel PACEY Award is made possible by the personal support of Andreas Nidecker, President of the Basel Peace Office

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