ARTIVISM – Call for Applications

ARTIVISM – Call for Applications

Dear young people of Kichevo,

Do you love art and painting? Do you want to change your routine by being active in making Kichevo more beautiful? You haven’t had the chance to show the world what your creative hands can do? Well, here you have the opportunity to leave a footprint of your artistic soul around Kichevo.

These activities will:

  • (i) Train young people with knowledge and skills in how to use art as a modern advocacy tool for changes related to youth issues;
  • (ii) Will educate the public and decision-makers about certain problems that youth in Kichevo faces;
  • (iii) Train young people to be more active and creative in the society in their best way;

“ARTIVISM” will mix 20 young people, aged 15 to 29 with different ethnic background to work together in successfully implementing the project in Kichevo’s areas

The main activities will include:

  • 1. Mobilizing young people from Kichevo to map public places for conducting artistic activities and determining relevant social problems that will be addressed;
  • 2. Organizing a workshop on: advocacy through art (photography, graffiti, drawing, etc.) and inter-ethnic cooperation; (April)
  • 3. Two days outdoor activities: street art and graffiti with special messages at pre-determined public places; (May)
  • 4. Organizing an open exhibition of before and after the activities are implemented; (June)

To apply check out this link:

DEADLINE for submitting applications: 4 April 2019

For more information please do not hesitate to contact:

Participation is free of charge, all meals and transportation costs are covered by the organizers.

This activity is part of “Artivism” implemented by Linking, Engagement, Advocacy, Development – LEAD Fellow Albina Sefadini, funded by USAID’s Civic Engagement Project

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