Отворен повик за доделување YES грантови

Отворен повик за доделување YES грантови

The USAID Civic Engagement Project in Macedonia invites youth civil society organizations (CSO) in Macedonia and non-registered youth groups to submit Concept Papers for Youth Engagement Support (YES) grants.

The Civic Engagement Project (CEP) is a five year USAID-funded program that contributes to achieve two objectives:
(1) strengthened influence of CSOs on policies and programs related to priority issues of citizen concern; and (2) increased and sustained youth engagement in public life in Macedonia. The YES grants will be managed by the Association for Democratic Initiatives (ADI).
The aim of YES grants is to support initiatives by youth CSOs and non-registered youth groups that focus on the following priority issues:
(i) educating young men and women about their rights;
(ii) supporting young men and women to engage meaningfully and effectively in existing mechanisms for
youth participation in public life and government decision-making (including, but not limited to youth
CSOs and groups, Youth and CSO Support Centers, municipal Youth Councils, municipal Youth Policies,
(iii) building the capacity and skills of young men and women to become informed, active, and engaged
citizens that actively participate in public life;
(iv) devising creative solutions that enable young men and women to constructively engage with public
institutions at the central and local government level regarding issues of priority concern for youth or the
community at large; and
(v) providing opportunities for youth to give back to communities and society, and focus on priority socioeconomic, educational, cultural and/or environmental issues that might impact their lives.
CEP plans to award up to 8 (eight) grants resulting from this RfCP. The maximum grant award for each proposal is 15,000 USD, and for projects that may last up to 12 (twelve) months and minimum 9 (nine) months.

The Project will give priority to applications that:
a) have a proven track record of engaging in effective and successful interventions related to the above-listed
priority issues at least for one year;
b) propose innovative solutions to address the identified problems and to engage youth;
c) demonstrate clear potential for positive and concrete impact in the lives of youth and/or their communities;
d) include activities that increase commitment and ownership by youth and other citizens, such as
e) ensure substantial engagement of women, girls, youth, ethnic or religious minorities, the LGBT community,
or other vulnerable/marginalized groups in the proposed activities;
f) support multi-culturalism and inter-ethnic cooperation and take progressive stances vis-à-vis gender
equality and social inclusion; and
g) demonstrate understanding and commitment to cooperate with a wide range of stakeholders, including the
media, the private sector, think tanks and academia, and public institutions.
To download the full Request for Concept Papers, the Concept Paper Application Form, and the Budget Template for this call, please go to www.adimacedonia.org or write to Mr Nino Sotirovski at nino@adi.org.mk.

For more detailed information and supporting documents, please visit ADI`s web site.

USAID’s Civic Engagement Project is implemented by East West Management Institute (EWMI), in partnership with four local CSOs:
the Foundation for Internet and Society Metamorphosis, the Association for Democratic Initiatives (ADI), the Foundation for Open
Society in Macedonia (FOSM), and the National Youth Council of Macedonia (NYCM).

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